Four Hundreds Company Limited was founded on 15 June 2004 by a new generation group of people who had experiences in Advertising and Public Relations from the leading agencies in Thailand for more than 10 years, under the concept “Tiny as Red Pepper“, amidst feedbacks of customers as well as Advertising and Public Relations industry who initially accepted “outcomes and experiences” rather than “the company’s name and reputation”. Additionally, we have certified that some matters are not importantly focused on size but - efficiency which is reflected by quality outcomes that every of our client receives.

The Four Hundreds or 400 is originated from Integrated Communications and 360 Degree Communications theories with the conception that 360 Degree Communications are still insufficient, so there comes the concept of 400 Degree Communications and we are unanimous that this meaning defines ourselves clearly.

Our philosophy under 400 Degree Communications concept is to give communication services which are more than 360 Degree Communications to our clients in which the exceeding proportion is considered as a crucial factor that will be created in our works in order to result in outcomes beyond our customers’ expectations continuously.

In other words, 400 Degree means revision and adjustment through the last step so that every service given to our clients will be the best and most complete works in all aspects.

We aim to offer services in the highest levels that meet the highest proposes of our clients. By this commitment, it ensures the outstanding existence of “Four Hundreds” whilst we submit our assignments that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Management Team
PR Divisions
Sittikorn – PR Director

Media Relations Divisions
Pakinee – Media Relations Director

Strategic Media Department
Senee – Media Director

Special Event Department
Fourhundred Event – Event & Activity Director

Account Management Department
Danupon – Account Manager

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